Shape your WordPress contact page today!

WordPress is the largest platform today which is being used by so many people. Brands, Media houses, Influencers they love to use this platform coz it’s so versatile and easy to manage. However, when it comes to “Contact Page” most of the people do this mistake. People either give least attention to this page or people don’t even know about this page. But, as a business or personal brand, you must shape your contact page properly so that potential clients and customers can reach out to you. So these are the things that you should do on your WordPress blog.

  1. This is the default WordPress contact page. When someone contacts you through this page, the message goes to the ‘contacts’ tab on your WordPress control panel and it’s nature is not similar to any kind of Direct or Instant message.

So most of the time you will end up losing valuable contacts and deals.

2. The best practice to shape your contact page is first delete this contact form, then just add a paragraph explaining your mode of business or business hours or contact hours along with the best channel through which you can interact fast.

3. Some of the best channels for building contact is providing Email address or Facebook Messenger link or Contact number (if you are okay with it) or Instagram handle (for DM). Check which platform you use the most and provide the messing option related to that platform so that you can reply to those people fast.

4. If you have your own domain and you are using WordPress on that then the options that you have to shape the contact page is even more. There are plenty of options to shape the contact forms and you can find them on the “Plugins” section. Go through the plugins and check which is the best contact form for you. The best contact form that I have used or may of the WordPress bloggers use is “Contact Form 7”. The best part is you can add more fields to your contact form and you can stay updated about the messages directly through your Email.

People use WordPress as a platform for the growth and expansion of their business/brand and it is 100% true that when someone is going through your blog and is getting inspired or getting the hint that you are valuable to them in some point they will contact you. So it is very important to shape the contact form or contact page to get the most out of it.

That’s it for this blog. If you like it then share this blog and give it a clap that will make me happy and use these tips to shape your contact page today.

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