Three things you should not do with your WordPress blog in 2017.

“WordPress” is the best blogging platform that we have right now. I know am writing this on “Medium” which is also a blogging platform, but when it comes to flexibility & content ownership, the crown goes to WordPress. WordPress has so much tools and functionality that sometimes it confuses users and it’s natural. People follow those one hour long YouTube videos on “how to create WordPress websites” and they follow them step by step. But here’s the thing. There are number of ways to customise a WordPress website, but you need to understand the fundamentals of “User Experience” to build a successful blog on WordPress.

When it comes to “User Experience” you need to reverse engineer the process and you need to think as a user or visitor for your blog. People don’t want to waste their time and as a business or personal brand you should not waste the time of a reader/customer. So these are the three things that you should consider while customizing your WordPress blog.

1. Nested menu items:

Nested menu item is the first thing that you should not do anymore on your WordPress website. If you are new to WordPress, make sure to keep only two menu items (primary/top menu & social/bottom menu). On the top/primary menu you CAN put nested menu items. But you should not. A UI always works if it is clean and simple. So be specific on the things that you are putting on the top menu. If you have a lot of things to put on the top menu, make sure to create a list of the best 5–6 things that are more important and create a custom menu for the rest of the things on the side bar or on the bottom widget area.

2. Pop-up subscription message:

Pop-up subscription messages irate people the most. Coz most of the people use their smartphone to browse through websites and most of the time they reach to your blog from your Instagram or Snapchat story. Pop-up subscription message are part of WordPress ecosystem coz through them you can remind a reader to subscribe to your blog so that they won’t miss your content. This works well for a computer but it’s not good for a smartphone coz it pops up really quick and it covers half of the screen and the worst part is the “x” icon to close the pop-up is too small comparing to our thumbs. So don’t do this on your blog and give your readers a better experience. There are other places where you can put the subscription box such as the side widget bar or the bottom widget bar.

3. Read More tag:

“Read More” tag is highly essential. A good WordPress blog must contain at least 300 words (As per SEO ranking). Also as a blogger we use multiple images, video on our blog. So if you are not using “Read More” tag then the users have to scroll all those 300 words and the images and videos of a blog to go to the next blog. Always keep your blog simple. Use the “Read More” tag so that the user/reader can get the blog title, a small description and the featured image so that they can decide whether they want to read the whole blog. If they don’t want to read the first one they can easily switch to the second one.

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