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Dave Chappelle in his Netflix special The Closer. Photograph: Mathieu Bitton/Netflix

I did not want to watch this special. To quote Doja Cat, “I’m a freak, not a masochist”. I don’t enjoy watching things that I know will piss me off and with a life that is hard enough, why would I choose to introduce suffering willingly into it? …

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NB: I wrote this a while back for a contest. Though I did not place, I am sad that I forgot to post it. Much like everyone else, the first couple months of the pandemic were a lot. …

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Details on the case

The UK is reeling.

Met Police officer Wayne Couzens was sentenced to a whole life term in prison for the murder of Sarah Everard. Now that sentencing has been done, distressing facts from the case have since emerged.

The attack was planned, with Couzens spending around a month travelling to…

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“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” — G. K. Chesterton

I love this quote.

I only found it just a few weeks ago, but since then I must have said it to myself over 1000 times. Life is about consistency. …

Squid Game promotional poster

Many many spoilers ahead!

Like many millions of people, I have been watching Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Squid Game, a South Korean survival drama. The show follows debt-ridden players who have to play six children’s games for a cash prize of 45.6 billion won (around £28m).

As with all things in this…

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I have always wanted to be a writer.

Fiction was my first-love. The idea of creating my own universes and building something beautiful out of nothing always appealed to me. Nowadays I tend to dabble more in creative non-fiction as a form of cathartic release. …

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There is validity in self-diagnosis.

The first time I read up on borderline personality disorder (BPD), I knew in my gut that it is what I had had. Granted, the circumstances surrounding this revelation weren’t the best. After all, I was watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and as they listed the symptoms…

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My therapist has made me cry several times.

During the months leading to my move from the UK to South Africa, I had this idealised vision of therapy. Though I knew it wasn’t all going to be good, I thought that a big portion of healing involved blaming other people…

Supplied by Lauren: LolFace Beauty Salon

With things returning to “normal” one year since a total worldwide lockdown. It would be dishonest to claim that we are all the same people we were before. For many of us, being stuck at home caused us to reckon with ourselves and the ways in which we live our…

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I am trying to find a polite way of starting this announcement without dropping the fact that there is $100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. I know the majority of us write for altruistic reasons, but altruism can not nourish the body, nor can it pay the bills!



EiC of An Injustice! | Occasional journalist + future struggling screenwriter | Either cancel or commission me, I need the money -

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