Illustration of a woman looking at her cell phone.
Illustration of a woman looking at her cell phone.

3 steps to improve the appeal of IAPs in emerging markets with the help of behavioral science

Co-author and data science lead on the project: Rodolfo Rinaldi, Business Analyst at Google Play. Presented at the recent Playtime event in Amsterdam. See full presentation below.

Successfully launching and monetizing titles in emerging markets has been one of the hot topics in the gaming industry for the last few years. …

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Principles for developers on how to make games more relevant to more players

With over 2.3 billion game-players worldwide in 2018 (Source: Newzoo 2018), more people are gaming, watching eSports and attending gaming conventions & meet-ups than ever. Gaming culture is no longer niche, and today, it sits at the heart of global popular culture. This number shows that several people — and among them many women — are bringing gaming and gaming culture into their everyday lives. Still, many women playing feel that games are lagging behind other areas of entertainment and a lot can be done to achieve greater inclusivity in gaming.

Traditionally, the attention of the industry has been focused on a smaller population of professional gamers, streamers and seasoned console purists who live and breathe established titles. However, there is a significant population of women playing who spend several hours per day or week gaming and enjoy a variety of genres & platforms, but who do not necessarily identify as…


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Passionate about understanding trends, people’s behavior and motivations | Insights @ Google Play

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