The Business Venture Adventures of a Non-Grownup: The first week.

Today marks the end of the first week of being ON MY OWN and it has flown by at an incredible speed. My poor self was tugged apart by the feelings of freedom, that which is the ability to have total control of ones day, and the feelings of fear and panic as the day flew by and I was hopeless at reining it in. In general, not much got done. Sigh. I’ve decided not to beat myself up about it any more than I have since last Tuesday morning when I realized I only completed a quarter of what I had planned to do on Monday, and every day after that. So. I’m going to try and be mature about it, take a step back, and reassess. Ha! Look at me all grown up and shit.

Reassessment #1: A weekly/daily timetable plan.

I initially fought against this idea simply because my days are often subject to change. A meeting here, a cancelation there, a rescheduling to elsewhere. However, often during the day, I push something off because I temporarily forget about pending projects and allow myself a little 30min holiday. I think that fear and panic can sometimes do wonders and I’ll feel a lot more motivated having those project literally hanging over my head. I’m going to try planning my week on Sunday evenings, and then just confirming with clients during the week. I’d like to make checking my schedule before bed a habit. Just so I know what I’m up against the next day so that I can wake up with a purpose. I’m not very keen on the idea of using google calendar, but it’s the best option on hand so I’ll start scheduling there. In the future I would love to have a white board where I could write out my projects and meetings for the week. But for this week, I’ll give google a go!

Reassessment #2: Optimizing mornings

Crap. This is probably the worst. I’ve been struggling with this forever which makes me think I’ll never be able to get it right. But apparently all habits can be learned? It takes me forever to wake up, eat breakfast and get started. So here is my plan:
• Checking my schedule the night before to prep myself with the thought that I do NOT have time to sleep in. 
• Start the morning with a 10min stretch or workout to wake up
• Eat a pre-made breakfast while checking mail and catching up on world events
• Getting started with that damn schedule! 
And most important note to self: Don’t stop fighting if the plan all goes to shambles! (I think I’m going to have to reread this section a couple of times during the week).

Reassessment #3: Making new habits and watching out for bad ones.

Apart from the general distractions of dirty laundry, the bathroom that needs cleaning, the nearby recently stocked fridge and the glorious sun beaconing me outside, I think the worst thing I did this past week was that I ended up working late every night. 7pm and the panic begins. My thought process being: “Shit it’s getting dark! Fine, I have 4 hours till midnight, maybe I’ll still be able to catch up on lost time”. This meant that not only was I upset and stressed and not much of a joy to be around, but I totally neglected my partner, spent 15 hour consumed with work and like I said, didn’t get much done. :/ Which is another reason why keeping as close to schedule as possible is so important.

Reassessment #4: Allow yourself a little bit of magic.

When I started writing this and thinking about all the things I wanted to change and aaaalll the things that I need to improve on, I ended up with a very long and very depressing list. But I’m not going to be a self-disciplined creative beast overnight. No matter how many lists and calendar reminders I make. So with a little bit of faith, and a little bit of magic, (and a glorious shiny new birthday watch), I’m going to try out these 4 reassessments and see how much better I can be at adulating this week.

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