So what is my story? No idea, it is not over yet.. Just starting with my first article.

This is my first article, cause I have decided to be more visible online. Well, on facebook you can see all the time the green circle saying “online”, but that is not what i am thinking of right now.

I want to leave some digital footprint.. Every who means something has their blog, their thinking, their approach.. Even bad youtubers has their own followers.. Yeah maybe because of that.. (People are not interested only in success, but as well in failure and they like to see, that they are worse “cases” as themselfs.) Developers are having their stackoverlow, GIThub, communities…

So yes, starting… Before I had as a teenager also an online blog, but it was more about daily things and pleasures for me. And it was in slovak. So I want to have this blog little more professional.. I consider myself as high emotional and spotaneous, so I just write about things that occur to me, and they are not necessary professional. But well, I will try to keep it better.

Then years after, I had wordpress blogs as well. But I don’t know. Wordpress is too lame. So starting here.. I have read only two articles so far. But I really like their content and style as well. So I like it here.

I don’t want to have only online world.. But maybe this will keep me occupied for more rainy and snowy days.. (yeaah, maybe not so good time to start at beginning of summer)

Maybe I will have some fans, who knows…

Today without personal branding… you seem to be no one. Especially in HR, sales, marketing, business area. Yes, so that is the trend.

Starting… Wish me luck.
Or not necessary. There are more important things in life…

Aren’t they?