Survive, Build and Earn: Introducing Z Versus Project

Z Versus Project: Play-to-Earn Surviving Metaverse Built on BSC team is pleased to announce the giant strides it has taken to take its play-to-earn surviving metaverse to another level.

Offering the players a social and gaming experience like nothing else. amazing features and incentives that will make their participation on its platform worthwhile.

Currently, there is no such competition for this surviving metaverse right now. It is a very unique opportunity for the users to be part of.

What is play-to-earn?

There existed a huge gap between gaming (especially online gaming) and traditional Blockchain mining for cryptocurrency. We at Z Versus Project endeavoured to combine the two with gaming and the thrill that it brings front and center while carefully embedding Blockchain mining within it where you don’t particularly notice anything boring but you are earning NFTS nonetheless as the game progresses.

This concept is known as “play to earn” and we have achieved the fine margins with the Z Versus Project. Our players will simply play the gritty survival mode if they chose human faction or the liberty to extrapolate resources from lonesome human survivors by roaming around the city in a truly post-apocalyptic world. There are many opportunities to earn, like stealing rare resources, rare NFTS for the very best of our players.

Here is how it works in Z Versus Project. Dangerous places crowded by the undead have the elements of value hidden, the assets that you as a player want to further your chances of success in a selfish self-serving world.

What do you do? You prepare yourself, gather supplies, get hero cards and transform them into troops, make alliances and attack the enemies with your full might. These enemies can either be zombies or rival human factions. The greater their strength and numbers the harder it is to defeat them but more the value of the prizes.

If one succeeds in defeating the enemy or hold them off for you to gather the resources, steal rare assets and NFT’s, you can polish them, and furnish them for the marketplace, a place open to all, a place where you could sell your hard-earned assets for real money.

The Z Versus Project is essentially a digital space, the gory killing of the undead will benefit the players in the real world, the physical world in the form of real money garnered from selling your unique assets in the marketplace.

Opportunities to Earn:

With a compelling story and an aesthetic as well as an immersive gameplay combined with the Blockchain mining, the Z Versus Project offers the best of both worlds. Our players will have multiple opportunities and options to earn from Z Versus Project experience as they progress through different events.

The best way to earn is the Global War (PvP) which is ever continuous and new players can take part in it when they are ready. We don’t believe in compelling our players to purchase anything from the marketplace and basic needs for survival are ensured at the beginning. But after that, the game is completely dependent upon the choices, unique in every way, of our players. Other credible and compelling source of revenue will be farming as well as daily missions and you’ll be able to get hero cards which can be employed as one wishes, probably as an investment to wage war and garner more assets, some liquid like what the marketplace offers while others more rigid like real estate.

Real estate is by far the most attractive feature of Z Versus Project, whereby you can buy plots of land, turn them into safe houses, make a customizable HQ and even sell them as NFT’s.

Once you enter the game, it is time to discover the fascinating yet terrifying world of Z Versus Project and you discover your home base, your primary source of security and a base of your operations.

You can roam and explore the surrounding areas and initiate world events as well as discover chests that have unique contexts and ability to build your capacity. You can also discover crafting items which can then in turn create tokens, this is called two-step mining.

Zombies or rival factions may drop rare items which you can collect and combine with other items in order to turn them into $ZVERSUS tokens, a dedicated currency in the game and these elements have different categories ranging from common to all the way to NFT’s which are extremely rare but worth looking. The rarer the loot, the more it is worth for the players.

These NFT’s then can be sold in the marketplace or in the case that you don’t have them, you can buy them and resell them because the value of these NFT’S keeps on climbing. That’s not all, our players will be able to stake the NFTs and even rent them. In the real estate sector, one can sell them and they are represented either as sole ownership or communal ownership.

There are multiple modes in Z Versus Project for you to enjoy with many more features and special offers. For example, you can engage in solo mode or with other players, your friends and families.

All in all, Z Versus Project offers an across the genre gaming experience coupled with the Blockchain mining as well as the virtual reality experience where you can enjoy a post-apocalyptic world from the comfort of your home while making real Money.

We are excited to introduce our growing community to the full experience Z Versus Project will provide. But, arguably even better than a written description is a full trailer, which you can watch on our Youtube channel.

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