$ZVERSUS’s First Cex Listing: Coinsbit.io

Z Versus Project
2 min readSep 5, 2022


You’ve probably heard by now that Z Versus Project will make the first CEX listing on Coinsbit. On Tuesday, November 1 at 16:00 UTC, the USDT/ZVERSUS trading pair will become available for $ZVERSUS trading.

A fresh source of liquidity and market players means that purchasing $ZVERSUS will be easier, faster, and more accessible than before. Strap in, because you’re about to learn just how ahead of the curve you were on this project.

What is a CEX, and what does that mean for $ZVERSUS?

Listing on a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) is different from listing on a CEX (Central Exchange). Trading on CEX is safer and more reliable, and the exchange is also simpler to use. When ZVERSUS is listed on CEX, it is exposed to a new group of investors that might be wary of investing on DEX.

We believe that a listing on a CEX is the best way to attract as many individuals as possible to this endeavor. CEX is also safer from value-draining algorithmic trading and front-running bots. CEXs may have higher costs than decentralized exchanges, but their security and user-friendliness more than make up for it. To add to this, CEXs are just more widely used than DEXs, with 95% of all crypto exchange trade occurring on CEXs.

Why Coinsbit?

As of this writing, Coinsbit.io ’s daily volume of 1,400,000,000 USD places it among the top 50 exchanges globally. The spot market on the site features over 200 different trading cryptocurrencies, and it receives over 10 million unique visitors every month from all around the world. There will be an announcement of a second CEX in the coming weeks, but our focus with Coinsbit is on serving our dedicated community members who have experience and enthusiasm for the crypto trading market.

Now more than ever, we need the support of our community to get the word out that $ZVERSUS is here to stay. Please help us by liking, commenting, and sharing our posts across all of your social media channels.

We’ll see you in the Post Apocalyptic Metaverse.

Z Versus Project

About Z Versus Project

Z Versus Project is a ground-breaking virtual reality First-Person/Role-Playing game that incorporates all aspects of the Metaverse. It allows players to fully immerse themselves in unique stories of a post-apocalyptic world as either humans or zombies, fighting alongside their friends, looting legendary items for exciting gameplay opportunities, and taking part in a unique NFT ecosystem.

With fully integrated blockchain wallets and exclusive crypto tokens, players can level-up their skills, customize their characters, and buy parcels of land or real-estate across a virtual map to build communities, expand empires, defend from enemy factions, and even sell through the in-game marketplace for real money.