$ZVERSUS’s Second Cex Listing: Azbit.io


Before the pre-sale process is over, we can confidently claim that we are doing everything in our power to give our investors with a thriving ecosystem.

Z Versus Project will make the second CEX listing on AZbit Crypto Exchange. On Tuesday, November 1 at 12:00 UTC, the USDT/ZVERSUS trading pair will become available for $ZVERSUS trading.

Buying $ZVERSUS will be less difficult, take less time, and be more widely available thanks to the introduction of new sources of liquidity and market participants. You’re about to find out how much ahead of the curve you actually were on this assignment, so hold on tight.

What is a CEX, and what does that mean for $ZVERSUS?

A DEX (Decentralized Exchange) listing is distinct from a CEX (Centralized Exchange) listing (Central Exchange). As an added bonus, trading on CEX is easier to use and more secure than on other exchanges. ZVERSUS’s listing on CEX will introduce it to traders who aren’t as familiar with the exchange as those who use DEX.

Getting listed on a CEX, in our opinion, is the ideal method to get as many people as possible interested in our project. In addition, algorithmic trading that drains value and front-running bots are less likely to target CEX. CEXs’ security and user-friendliness more than make up for their slightly higher fees compared to those of decentralized alternatives. Furthermore, CEXs are more popular than DEXs, accounting for 95% of all crypto exchange trade.

Why AZbit?

With a daily volume of 110,000,000 USD as of this writing, Azbit is one of the top 50 exchanges in the world. Over 300 different cryptocurrencies can be traded on the site’s spot market, and the platform attracts more than 5 million monthly users from all over the world.

In the next months, another cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) will be announced.

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We’ll see you in the Post Apocalyptic Metaverse.

Z Versus Project

About Z Versus Project

Z Versus Project is a ground-breaking virtual reality First-Person/Role-Playing game that incorporates all aspects of the Metaverse. It allows players to fully immerse themselves in unique stories of a post-apocalyptic world as either humans or zombies, fighting alongside their friends, looting legendary items for exciting gameplay opportunities, and taking part in a unique NFT ecosystem.

With fully integrated blockchain wallets and exclusive crypto tokens, players can level-up their skills, customize their characters, and buy parcels of land or real-estate across a virtual map to build communities, expand empires, defend from enemy factions, and even sell through the in-game marketplace for real money.




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