Commerce is continuously changing and at a faster pace than ever before, so it’s sensible to expect real estate market trends to change as well. Several factors will affect how the market changes, so keeping a close eye on those trends can help you make wiser investment choices. Learning more about the following trends, in particular, can help you predict how best to invest your resources.

Millennials Want Convenience

In the past, young homebuyers were looking for homes in the suburbs far removed from the bustle of city life. While millennials also want large homes in nice neighborhoods, they don’t want to sacrifice…

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a beginner, there are plenty of apps that you can download to help you manage your real estate investments better. While some are less effective than others, a few apps stand out in terms of their services. Here are a few apps that can benefit anyone interested in real estate investing.


Almost any type of real estate investment can be found on this app. As it continues to gain experienced real estate developers’ interest, even more projects will be available. Crowdfunding, REITs, and many other types of investing are available. …

These days people will do just about anything to make a quick buck. One of the most profitable ways to make money is by purchasing property and renting it out to people looking to vacation. You may think that getting a rental property is unattainable, but there are plenty of affordable properties in cities available. If you are looking to turn a home into a luxury place to stay for paying customers, you are in luck.

Orlando, Florida

There is no doubt about it; Disney is one of the most magical places on earth. That is why if you are the market…

As you look for commercial real estate, you may across the Walk Score® metric. Several studies have shown that a high Walk Score®, or walkability, adds value to a piece of commercial property and should be considered on your shortlist. Walkability is based on several factors, such as proximity to public transportation and parking, as well as access to sidewalks, safety, traffic conditions, land use, and much more. Here are three distinct benefits of a high Walk Score® for commercial real estate.

Higher Property Value

Research has shown that a high Walk Score® strongly correlates with higher property values. If you are purchasing…

Obtaining business intelligence gleaned from “big data” is a significant trend in the commercial real estate industry. Understanding how to collect data and interpret it for insights shapes the process of interactions between property owners and agents — and ultimately, customers.

For example, in the recent past, a real estate operator was essentially blind to considering “factors of influence” that affect how clients choose an agent or a broker. This kind of information can be gathered using customer satisfaction surveys. That, and other data points, can be massaged with AI-leveraged software and specialized algorithms to provide valuable information.

For one…

The hippest, safest, and most attractive neighborhoods in American cities won’t be found on the East Coast or West Coast. Those looking for an enriching lifestyle in an elegant urban setting would do best to look toward mid-sized cities in the Midwest or Northeast.

Sure, sections of New York City or San Francisco offer some of the most iconic streets globally, but they also come with astronomical prices. If you don’t want to sell one of your bodily organs on the black market merely to afford a downpayment on a home, consider a city like Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For two…

Although donating to charity is clearly a good thing to do, fewer and fewer people seem to be giving. Many well-meaning people with good intentions stop short when it’s time to write a charitable check, often due to the myths and misunderstandings that surround charitable contributions. Here are some common myths about giving that you should know.

I Can’t Give Enough

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties yourself, it makes sense to tighten your belt and limit your spending. If, however, you still feel compelled to give, don’t feel that a small donation won’t help. The truth is that every dollar…

There are few absolute deal breakers for rental properties. Each property has value. Sometimes, that is a negative value, however. There are some major red flags regarding rental properties. These do not include such elements as an HVAC that is shot; this simply impacts the price to offer. These problems are property aspects that are relatively incapable of being altered. Look out for these red flags in rental properties .

Crime Factors

Properties in areas that are high in crime generally cost more in maintenance fees than the amount of rent they bring in. Tenants in such areas are also…

Everything in the world of real estate revolves around one factor: location. It doesn’t matter if a property you’re looking at is the definition of a “state-of-the-art facility” and has every bonus feature a person could ever dream of it it’s in a bad location, it’s not worth much of anything. Whether you’re looking at residential investing or commercial real estate investment, some areas will always be a better investment opportunity than others. Here’s a look at some of the best cities for commercial real estate investors to consider.

Atlanta, Georgia

Two factors put Atlanta at the top of the…

One of the greatest things about America is being able to visit different parts of the country and see the way that regional cultures have had a direct influence on everything including architecture. While housing styles can vary state to state, we’re going to look at different housing styles on a more regional basis.


The overall consistent climate of the western portion of the United States helps in bringing more uniformity to the housing styles. Greatly influenced by Italian and Spanish designs, many homes (especially on the coast and in the south west) have a Mediterranean feel. While California…

Zvi Feiner

CEO of Gefen Investments, Zvi Feiner oversees the acquisition, redevelopment, and management of commercial real estate properties.

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