Blockstream was founded in 2014 and made headlines after announcing the Liquid Network. The sidechain project secured $21 million in the seed round, followed by $55 million in Series A funding. Initially devised by Blockstream developers in 2014 and published in a white paper named, “Enabling Blockchain Innovations with Pegged Sidechains,” it was eventually launched by Samson Mow and Joseph Weinberg in 2017. After a year of beta testing on the Bitcoin blockchain network, the Liquid blockchain went live on September 27, 2018 at 1:29 UTC. …

How blockchain gaming has evolved over the past year and what that means for crypto evangelists.


Here is Bitcoin today:

A comprehensive exercise involving fundamental and quantitative analysis of twelve leading blockchain-based projects.

BCH XLM DASH EOS ADA LSK ZEC XMR XVG NEO VET TRX — Which four would you choose?


You’ve heard people talking about blockchains and cryptocurrencies for some time now, and you understand that blockchains are distributed ledgers, but what exactly goes into a block? Blocks make blockchains, and transactions go into blocks, but what is the glue that keeps it all together? Well it turns out blocks are linked to one another through a process called hashing.

A hash function takes any input (i.e. numbers, words, etc.), and through the use of an algorithm, produces an output of a specific length. The process of applying a hash function to some data is called hashing. …

I have been exploring the blockchain tech and crypto space for only about a year or so, and one thing I have always wanted to do is learn how to build a smart contract. What does it take to create a working smart contract on Ethereum? I had never taken a coding class up until the first quarter of graduate school, and that class was by no means comprehensive. I am a major n00b when it comes to programming, I know there are different languages and I understand what they entail, but I have never built anything.

I have read…

In this article, I will reach far and wide (not too far or wide) to try and bring some hope back into the hearts of those who invested in novel blockchain-based decentralized applications with the belief that they would penetrate the mainstream market sometime soon. I will only cover scaling solutions not already mentioned in Fred Ehrsam’s post; therefore, my discussion is not centered around Ethereum. …

We all appreciate the role technology has played in revolutionizing the financial services industry; however, what some might not be aware of, is the endgame. Initially, ‘FinTech’ (financial technology) referred to the application of new technologies to the back-end of established financial institutions. Today, FinTech encompasses any new technological innovation in the financial sector, with peer-to-peer lending sites, automated financial advisors, and all-in-one money management apps, topping the list of 21st century FinTech innovations.

To place the FinTech market in perspective, here are some figures from Statista:

What do Steemit, Alis, and Belacam have in common? All three are attempting to challenge established mediums for social media and content production utilizing cryptocurrencies. Everyone is wondering about what might take the place of Facebook or Instagram in the near future. We recognize that today, every site you visit, share, and like, relies on quantifying and neatly packaging our desires, fears, and needs, for the consumption of advertisers in order to generate revenue. Let’s think about this deeper, as if we haven’t grown accustomed to this practice, as if we haven’t been normalized into complacency.

When I write a…

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