I’ve been struggling with finding the right time tracking tool that would suit my needs. When I start my work I often forget to start the time tracker, I keep forgetting to switch the tracking task when moving to something else, and I almost never happen to stop the tracker when I shut down the laptop. This has been keeping me away from tracking my time for a log time.

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Hours for iOS

I started to track my time properly only three years ago. The shiny new iOS app Hours won favour with me for a brilliant and intuitive UI I’ve dreamed about for a long time, making it easy to adjust tasks and easily fix tracking mistakes I keep doing. …

The 2017’s WWDC Keynote was, as always, strongly focused on the end consumers. Apple always keeps the most exciting stuff for us, the developers, for the Platforms State of the Union talk, which I actually found more interesting this year than the original keynote. I present a brief summary of the highlights that caught my attention.

  • Rewritten source editor. It seems dev tools team at Apple have heard the complains. Source editor is the most fundamental part of every IDE and Xcode was behind for some time already. …

The key phase in every client-oriented app development is continuous delivery. Clients really appreciate to try out and test the most up-to-date version of their app to see the progress. Also, it makes it easier for them to provide feedback on an early stage. This is particularly important during agile development.

However, iOS environment doesn’t make this simple — in comparison to Android — due to a need for code signing and provisioning. The easiest solution is obviously to use TestFlight, but here we’re either limited to few in-house testers in internal testing or an app needs to go through a review process in external testing. …


Petr Zvoníček

iOS guy at @TheFuntasty

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