August & September Edition

Due to a lot of traveling in September, I wan’t able to write the August update in September. So what happened in the last two month?

For the cross compilation pipeline through the llvm-ng, I’ve added binary serializability of cmm to a custom ghc fork, that allows to dump the cmm representation. This is helpful as it allows the decoupeling from the code generator and the ghc front end. What usually happens is that ghc reads a file, parses it turns it into an AST, desuguares it, runs a set of optimizations and finally turns it into STG before turning it into cmm. …

July Edition

In July I’ve been playing around a bit more with -target. …

June Edition

This post will be quite brief. I wasn’t able to carve out much time in June as my wife an I have just welcomed a new human being.

As the 8.6.1 alpha was just announced, I’m trying to finish adapting the llvm-ng backend as quickly as I can and build a fresh set of pre-built ghc 8.6.1 cross compilers.

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