Surf the Video content wave, Rule the Market!

Content has been one of the most crucial pillars of marketing since its genesis. Out of all the currently utilised content, we can basically break it down into 3 types: written content, audio content and visual content. All the content we see today in marketing, are a combination of at least two or all three of the aforementioned types of content.

Over the time, content developed from a simple stone carved print or hand painted flyers to the digital ads we see now, so are our ways of marketing. Can you guess which type of content is riding the marketing world? Videos. Yes, videos are the future of content marketing. The below infographic summarises @Hubspot’s ( Video Marketing Statistics that can help you understand the impact of Video Content in the industry as of today.

As you understand the importance of Video Content Marketing, you also need to understand that given the vast amount of information available just a click away in this age, consumers are no longer interested in what you’re selling but how you’re selling it! One needs to create content in a way that can be consumed and absorbed faster and retained longer. Being partnered with the video wizards, we understand this the best and that’s how we offer perfect solutions specially designed for your requirements at exciting prices and customised packages under our Video Production Services.

Zweedeo media provides various kinds of video services such as:

Product Videos: Product Videos give detailed insight on client products explaining their features and uses.

2D Explainer Videos: 2D Explainer Videos use interesting animation techniques that can explain statistics, processes, products, et al.

Testimonial Videos: Capturing interviews, surveys, client or employee testimonials, product or service reviews, etc. require a special approach which can be achieved in testimonial videos.

CSR Videos: CSR Videos can help spread your company’s goodwill using a unique treatment that is used to capture the emotional, feel-good factor and drives home the inspiring message behind your Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

Industrial Videos: Industrial videos are crisp, pragmatic and to the point whilst explaining the concept at hand meant for industries to relay important information like processes and safety instruction.

360º Video: Be it capturing every facet of your facility or creating a complete virtual view of the location to generate heightened audience engaging video content, we do it all using state of the art equipment.

Zweedeo goes through a 3-step, meticulous production process to deliver results that not just meet the client’s expectations but also helps them market the content across various media platforms.

Originally published at on May 12, 2017.