Our 6 step animation process

Every client that has ever come to us has always been different than the previous. Even if the product/service is exactly the same, every brand is different. Understanding that, we created a 6 step process that acts as a road map for both us and the client, to make sure every project is treated in a way to match our work to their needs & goals.

Our process is also used as a tool to simplify even the most complex of animation projects into phases that allow us to focus on each element in a prioritized checklist kind of way. For instance, the look/style of an animation should always follow the story, not the other way around.

While everything we create for clients are marketing tools, each step in our process builds on the last to make make something much greater than a simple marketing tool.

Here’s our 6 step process to motion design and animation projects:

1 — Conversations & Research

All projects start with a conversation. We need to know as much as possible about the business, product, purpose and goals. We also need to know the expected return on investment of the client. ROI (return on investment) is especially important for us to know to be able to calculate if we’re the right fit with a client and their needs.

After the conversations, we dive even deeper by researching the current brand, competitors and industry to help us better understand the environment that the businesses lives in.

2 — Strategy

Strategy is perhaps the most important part. We take the conversation and answer the 5 w’s. Who’s the target audience? What do they care about? Why will this animation exist? When will the animation be played? Where will it be played? By answering these questions, this is usually how we begin to find the unique story that a motion design or animation piece can tell.

3 — Discovery

This is where we take the strategy and answer the question of “how?”. The only way to answer this question is to take the time to create, write & build. We discover what works and what doesn’t. Even Edison needed 1000 tries to create the light bulb. It’s easy to go with first ideas but they’re rarely the best ones. We create and iterate continuously until we have the perfect story and the perfect style to tell that story in.

4 — Design

After developing a strategy and style we take the story and convert it to a visual storyboard. We figure out how each shot will look in the most rudimentary way to make sure the story works before we design and/or illustrate every shot in the animation.

5 — Animation

Only after all storyboards and designs are approved, we begin the often tedious task of animation. Animation brings life into the piece and helps add the emotions and personality needed to help viewers relate to the story.

6 — Delivery & follow up

Whether it’s a large movie screen or 6 second Instagram clip, we deliver a final product that matches the strategy. We make sure clients have everything they need to start making an impact with their customers immediately.

Once a project is done, we don’t abandon the client. After completion, it’s like we’re invested in the company. We follow them along their journey and make sure everything goes as planned.
If you have a story to tell, give us a call and we’d love to talk.

- Matt Vojacek

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