Social shopping — An inevitable evolution

From specialised stores, to supermarkets, to megamalls, to e-commerce and m-commerce, the way we have been shopping is constantly changing. However, the one buying habit that hasn’t changed over the years is that we still find comfort from a reliable source who can endorse a brand or product we seek to own.

zwibe recognises this constant, and incorporates social elements of friends, conversations and communities to enhance the way we buy, and influence what we buy. With friends who can help you decide, the world is no longer an overwhelming marketplace.

You can discover a store, brand, or product. Create a wishlist to buy later, or have friends gift it to you, maybe even get a special offer from a retailer. Create followers. Help and influence a friend’s buy. Get rewarded for the influence you create. Become a digital celebrity! Make the world an exciting place to shop.

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