An Ode to Caffeine

A Cup of Comfort — some quotes, some thoughts

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” — T.S. Eliot
“Coffee makes us severe, and grave and philosophical.” — Jonathan Swift
Barthes called coffee “a recognised occasion for suspending work”.

Coffee and comfort

Coffee gives you an extra little kick in the morning; it’s warm and keeps you comforted during those long hours in the library or the office. There’s something about the smell as well; bold, soothing and familiar.

Coffee as an accessory

You can wear coffee the same way you wear a bracelet or a hat. It makes one seem more approachable, yet professional in their manner. Serious but savvy, the coffee cup indicates a type of attitude or work ethic as much as style; its purpose as an accessory goes as far as suggesting an inkling about someone’s character and tastes.

That man with the scarf and the Americano is humorous on the second meeting. He prefers sweet potato fries to normal fries and he would rather be residing in a small beach town spending his days reclining in the sun.

The lady perched on a park bench, reading a book and taking small sips from a cappuccino in the early hours of the morning is knowledgeable about fiction and she often quotes from her favourite texts: The Mill on the Floss, Speedboat, L’Empire des Signes…

Coffee in the workplace

Without a kettle there is no coffee. The workplace must adhere to basic human needs, including an array of essential coffee beans in the cupboard; or maybe you prefer to brew your coffee in a cafetière with a drop of nutty almond milk. Without these basic instruments and ingredients, your workplace is un-homely and unwelcoming, similar to entering a cold room with no slippers on your feet.