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We spoke with Mr. Joseph Hui, Deputy Managing Director at Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited (TFCT) about their efforts to bring safer and more secure payments to their bank customers.

Joseph Hui (right side), Deputy Managing Director, Toppan Forms Card Technologies Limited. TFCT’s biometric payment card powered by Zwipe’s current platform, the predecessor to Zwipe Pay ONE, is shown by one of TFCT’s production managers in the top right corner of the TV screen.

What has been the market reaction to your biometric payment card offering?

When you look at banking and biometrics there has always been a desire by the banks to offer the most secure experience to their customers, however, the challenge has always been that greater security has meant less convenience. Working with Zwipe we are changing this narrative successfully as our customers are directly requesting us to provide this innovative product. Reception has been great and we are in dialogue with a host of issuers who are looking to offer the Next-Gen contactless experience without jeopardizing convenience. …

Zwipe is a technology company blending the worlds of fintech and biometrics operating at the heart of the emerging biometric payments marketplace. Over the last year the company has built a prospective customer network representing leading smart card manufacturers(SCMs) in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region (dz card, XH Smart,Goldpac) . In order to support the commercialization efforts of these SCMs and thoroughly support their customer journey and in turn Zwipe’s position in the value chain, Zwipe offers have to deliver more than just a biometric inlay. This is where the Zwipe Experience Package comes in. It is a mix of products and services that Zwipe is delivering its customers to support the scaling up of biometric payment solutions.

See the quick guide to the Zwipe Experience below:

We recently spoke with one of Zwipe’s board members, Francis Van den Bosch, about his perspectives on how banking and biometrics is converging.

Francis Van den Bosch, a senior executive with a distinguished 40-year career in financial services

Considering the evolution we are witnessing in banking, what are the primary drivers pushing banks to adopt innovation, especially for security and identity applications?

Regulations are pushing financial service providers to act and act faster, however, at the foundation of this drive is the push and pull between security and convenience. For me, and many in the banking community, increased convenience is a matter of making sure solutions work in a consistent way, in all channels, even with more robust authentication methods.

The push for a more secure omnichannel banking experience is the deadline for banks across Europe to comply with…

We recently announced the appointment of our new Chief Financial Officer.

Lars Myren, CFO

Mr. Myren is an experienced CFO and strategy advisor with proven international leadership experience within the technology, manufacturing and energy sectors, to name a few. Past experience includes positions as CFO of Broadnet and the Elopak Group, and a series of interim top management roles. Mr. Myren currently serves as Chairman of the Board for multiple privately held organizations, notably the Sahara Project and Lund Gruppen.

Zwipe’s CEO André Løvestam spoke of the appointment:

“We are happy to welcome Mr. Myren to the organization. He brings with him substantial…

Munich, Germany, and Oslo, Norway — 18 June 2019 — Biometric technology company Zwipe and the world’s leading provider of semiconductor solutions in the payments market, Infineon Technologies AG, have extended their non-exclusive partnership through a long-term agreement. This settlement outlines both technical and commercial collaboration between the two companies. The two parties will co-define and develop advanced system-on-chip solutions and related system designs for mass deployment of biometric smart devices, including payment cards and wearables.

Tap and go payments with biometric cards are gaining considerable market traction as they significantly improve the user experience without compromising on security, supporting…

OSLO, NORWAY- 25 JUNE 2019 — Biometric technology company Zwipe has entered into a partnership with XH Smart, a global smart card manufacturer, focused on commercializing end to end biometric payment offerings to XH Smart customers in China and beyond.

XH Smart is a global solutions provider offering end-to-end digital security solutions to banks and telecom operators in more than 70 countries across the world. A fully accredited Visa, Mastercard and China UnionPay card manufacturer, the company has grown rapidly since its founding in 2011, becoming a global player in the payment card marketplace, marked by several large industry acquisitions…


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