In all honesty, I’ve been struggling with being okay with my friends who voted for Trump.
Lance Mealer


I still have the trump supporters in my (social media) life. Some were a surprise, others not so much.

I am of the “pigmentally-challenged” also, however my wife and our two children are not (whether they look like it or not) — so this does affect me in a hundred different ways. I also live in the California bubble, so we acknowledge that we have it pretty good compared to most of the rest of the country.

Here’s why I have a hard time engaging with ANY supporters right now however — it’s is the complete and utter (to the last person)lack of ability to see any side but their own. We’ve all been told that “you just don’t understand what the hard-working people of this country have been going through” as an explanation for what happened and justification for “deplorable” behavior.

My answer these days (for now at least) is just “no”. No I will not seek to understand how hard things have been for you until you do the same for the millions of others who have NEVER had a seat at the table and see their precious few gains in the process of being stripped away like they were an embarrassment best forgotten.

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