In 2016, I sold my startup for seven figures — and it ruined me.
Kenan Hopkins

I gotta say that I appreciate the honesty and self-reflection. Unlike several others I don’t see this as a “my sucks because I made a lot of money-you should pity me”, but more of a “I made a lot of money and discovered that the pursuit of it didn’t make me a better person — I wonder why” post.

I give props for taking inventory and at least understanding why you find yourself in the condition you do now. You thought that by working hard and making a ton of cash your life would be infinitely better. Instead, by concentrating so much of your efforts on a very specific part of your life you have traded one set of problems (“how will I pay my rent”) for another set (“my garage is too small for another porsche and I took a look in the mirror and don’t really like what I see”).

The good news, if you’re lucky, is that your story is still being written. When you are my age (or older) and look back on your life, what will you see? A man who learned that money isn’t everything and used the lessons he learned while acquiring it to better himself and society? Or just another depressed, rich asshole privately complaining that his life sucks because he has no real friends and his 3rd wife won’t have sex with him anymore?

I’m optimistic about the first scenario simply because you are already questioning/analyzing your situation and finding you’ve neglected an important part of your growth and now you’ve got some time and resources to figure it out.

Best wishes to you and your eventual success.

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