Trump’s Tax Leak Could Be Fatal
Ryan Huber

I think that the collective result will be a big “meh”. He could light babies on fire in front of the white house and his supporters wouldn’t budge because Hillary is the devil. I do find it kind of hysterical that this write-off (assuming it’s legal) is supposed to be some great shining example of Trump’s genius. I can guarantee you that this is NOT how it all went down:

His Highly Paid/Overworked Accountants:”Well dang, I think we’ve done the best we can with your taxes this year, Mr. Trump” as they lay a 10,000 page manuscript on his desk.

Trump: “I think you missed something here, boys” as he quickly scans the documents. “I sucked so badly this year that I managed to lose almost a billion dollars. On casinos. In the 90’s. Let’s take those losses and apply them to my taxes over the next 20 years.”

Accountants: “Mr. Trump — that is a genius move. Why didn’t we think of that.”

Trump: “You should have. You’re fired”