Charlotte, vowed never to declare,

the spirit passes through the wicker chair.

Lyric grief, scoffing her pain.

Across the outrage sea her whisper vitally alive.

Too late,

a broken dust bowl cut her open.

She resists

the endless contest of wills,

the mythic rise in arms.

Charlotte, suffers.

Utterly forgotten the childlike rhythm,

images slamming screen to screen,

fear of passing the thunders,

a parasite draining her meaty soul.

Cried, leaving her tale rustle.

Charlotte, alive or dead.

Felling in the consciousness seas,


Invited Satan to feast on her horror.

Leaving aside her lye gardens.

Charlotte, should be alive.



Jade has such a transparent color and a clean vibe to it. It comes in green, purple, white, etc. When you wear an authentic 24k gold bracelet, it is hard to match your clothing to it. So now I’m curious where gold comes from and why it starts to become a trend in history? Gold had such an important place in history compared to other minerals.