My Blogging Journey!

1 min readMay 24


Yesterday 23/5/2023

I posted An Instagram story with a picture of my late night coding session setup and I attached A simple poll asking if I should start blogging.

The responses where a crushing 100% saying Yes!, so I figured I should Start making my own blogging website.

I’m already familiar with the process of creating a website from scratch, but I need to refreshen my HTML, CSS and, JS skills cuz they are kinda rusty

console.log("hello, Medium!");

my plans aren't clear yet on the matter of the scalability of the site but I will figure something out soon.

As I have my final Exams of this semester next week I don’t really have that much free time to dedicate to this project.

I shall finish my Exams on the 13th of June, and I estimate that the site would be functional at the 20th of the same month.