Warning  FailedAttachVolume  22s   attachdetach-controller  Multi-Attach error for volume "pvc-d8d9f741-9ecb-11ea-a26b-xxxxxxx" Volume is already used by pod(s) nginx-deployment-xxxxx-rdznz, nginx-deployment-xxxxxxx-9wtcm, nginx-deployment-xxxxxxx-4wwqn

We all may have faced this problem while spinning up a workload in Kubernetes with ReadWriteMany(ROX) Access Modes in Persistent Volume Claim. This is a known problem in most of the managed…

As we know, trusting the public networks might be hard at some point, we never knew who’s eavesdropping our packets and for what. I will be helping you to configure a simple OpenVPN server with decent bandwidth in the cloud.

  • * At the time when I was writing the article…

HTTP is the underlying protocol in which WEB relies. I am starting the the topic with the belief that , you knows basic html . Let’s say

<title>Hello World!!</title>
<h1>Hello world!!!!</h1>

A basic html document which prints Hello world!, If you try to open…

Tibin Lukose

Cloud Native Engineering & Security Enthusiast

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