Find a job (new) resolution

February 19th, it was the last day I spent in General Assembly San Francisco for the user experience design 10 weeks immersive program. Looking back in this 10 weeks. What did I learn? Did I transfer from an account manager /sales person to a UX designer? The most important thing is, there always have an inner voice tell me, “Go find a job!!!”

So here is my checklist (resolution) for find a job:

  1. Eat healthy, drink more water.
  2. Do exercise regularly (jogging, yoga etc..)
  3. Get up at 7a.m everyday and read sth or watch TED talk
  4. Build my own website (work on case study, mock up on resume)
  5. Review GA lecture slides or other study material 1 hour/day
  6. Search 10 UX job per day
  7. Build social network cycle for find a job in UX field.
  8. Go out and talk to people ( since English is my second language, I need time to improve it and make it nature. So if you read this now,and find any grammar error please point it out, don’t be afraid to hurt me, you’re helping me!)
  9. Learn more coding: HTML/CSS and maybe Javascript.
  10. Make living place clean and nice. I always think that a tidy place can make people more creative and concentrate.

I will check this list every day from now on to see how many do I achieve. Now, I am go back to work on find a job.

(If there have more better ideas to help me to find a job, please leave a comment below. )