How to go from bad data to good quality data in your business

Every marketer already knows that data is their lifeblood. It’s our sauce to making effective marketing happen. Yet as data quality issues persist in B2B marketing, how to achieve good data quality doesn’t need to be a secret. With technology advances today, every B2B marketer can have good quality data.

The implications for working with bad data are large, and we all have micro-level stories to share about how poor data has affected us. We come up with a great idea to target customers in our database only to find out that we can’t carry through as we would like because of the amount of records with incomplete information. Or the amount of duplicates in our CRM makes us lose trust in the data that’s there. The records have outdated information. New inbound leads are not matching to account records.

Most of us can say that despite this reality, we’ve still gone ahead to pull the trigger on a campaign, and found what we knew would happen actually happened. Unsubscribe rates went up more than usual or numbers showed far less engagement than typically experienced. Over time this relates to serious revenue losses as you’re led away from following your intended direction.

The fast pace of business allows for little to no error. Business, as unforgiving as it is, doesn’t allow marketers to apologize and go back to make corrections. It’s necessary to get it right the first time or risk serious damage. When looking at customers, there are just as many consequences when trying to connect to them with incorrect messaging. The bottom line is that marketers need to be certain about the data being used.

Good quality data on the other hand empowers marketers to gain insights out of the data we’re using towards identifying which segments of customers to market to, how to market to them, driving strategy that is spot-on with meeting revenue goals. When you’re able to know what attracts, engages, and converts customers then you’re able to say that you’ve hit the bullseye.

It’s no longer a luxury to have a tool that delivers you accurate and reliable data but a requirement for bringing precision into your marketing. There are many technology options for solving B2B marketers issues with data quality. One such technology, a CDP (Customer Data Platform), is gaining more recognition among marketers as being automated solutions that work out data quality issues. Additionally, CDPs are tried and tested systems that allow marketers to manage their data without so many resource dependencies of past days.

There are different kinds of CDPs that offer unique advantages. Zylotech’s advanced CDP uses AI-powered data and analytics engines on a framework called DRIVE-R to let marketers fully monetize their customer data beyond human-only range. One of the only B2B-focused CDPs, its true bottom-up automation will fix both contact data and quality using continuous account intelligence.

A platform like Zylotech’s collects first, second and third party data then unifies it until it is completely enriched. The fully automated platform also includes an analytics engine to help organizations target accounts towards higher conversion. The AI-driven insights in the platform delivers pipeline prioritization, segmentation, recommendations, win analysis and more at a scale not possible with human-derived insights.

In today’s business climate, it’s necessary to have data that speeds up your time to market and that creates long-term relationships with customers. With this hinged on data quality, it’s no longer a case of those who invest in tools and those that don’t. B2B marketers stand out from the competition based on what they use, and a CDP like Zylotech will give that critical advantage.

Christina Tramontozzi leads marketing & demand generation at Zylotech. When she’s not geeking out on the latest marketing trends and sales cycle processes, she keeps a beach bum profile in her seaside town. An avid health food junkie, she says that daily green smoothies help her to keep up with her little boy and two dogs.

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