What if we all be soldiers in the office?

It was the day after a storm in London. One of those days when I decided to go dancing. Imagine the crowded Salsa club, no air to breath, your legs hurt and you are all sweaty… After 3 hours of dancing, I decided to go out and get some fresh air. People around me were in the good mood, everyone is chatty and open to talk. I conversation with a very tanned guy, he looked very calm and self-confident. At the beginning, it was very casual conversation, until I asked “what are you doing in life?” He was a soldier. Surprisingly for me, it was his full-time job. He was one of those guys who were fighting in Africa and Asia. He told me that he spent more than a year in Afghanistan. One of my family member also has been there. I started to tell him a story about it and I saw that suddenly he was lost in his thoughts. When I panicked and organically asked “Are you not afraid to die?”.

“No. In the army we trust our team. I will do everything that my guys would be safe and if I have to choose who will die, it is going to be me. Although, I am willing the same from others. So you are giving your life in other people’s hands and they are doing the same. Don’t forget that we all gonna die one day.”

I thought about this a lot. Do we actually trust people around us that much? Are we doing something extra in our everyday life? Could we all be soldiers in the office?

Image the small office. It is a production house, where everyone has to do his part in the project. When project manager is having many projects in the progress and many people he/she has to deal with, it can easily to become a huge mess. They are responsible for all parts of the product and have to deliver employee’s piece of the work on time.

So if the project manager creates the manual for the cameraman and the editor with even the smallest details they should know. Then the cameraman knows who will be responsible for editing and collects all the files and gives it to the editor with his notes. After work the editor will be sending files to the composer and, in the end, the project manager only gets the product. So everybody putted extra work, because they received extra work.

  • First of all, the project manager puts more efforts into his work at the beginning and provides more information.
  • Second, the whole team collaborates and, in order to save time, do not even include the project manager in many steps.
  • Third, it is a tool, which helps to avoid the mess in the project manager head. Now, he/she is only responsible to casually check how the team is dealing with their work.

This is a very simple example, where the whole team is putting extra efforts, feel the responsibility and trust other members. It is a value, which would help the team to work more efficient and each member will feel a way more important.

Maybe we should try to give more responsibilities in other people’s hands?

So what if we all be soldiers in the office?

…do your work better and people around you will do the same…