A scandal that would shock everyone — Well, almost everyone.

The documentary “The Great Hack” starts with David Carroll asking a class full of students “Who has seen an ad that has convinced you that your microphone is listening to your conversations?”. Almost everyone raises their hands.


It’s been more than a year since one of the biggest data and privacy scandals occurred. The data science firm Cambridge Analytica, or as the whistleblower Christopher Wylie would call them, a “full-serviced propaganda machine”, harvested personal data from Facebook without consent. Over 87 million people were affected and hyper-targeted with campaign ads…

75% of all Swedes are worried about how their personal data is used.

Yes, even the majority of Swedes are worried about how their personal data is being used. This probably means that something is really wrong. I’m not saying that we don’t have anything to be worried about, but it’s just that we have a tradition to talk about online publicity as a good thing no matter what.

The Swedish population (me included) are all for freedom of speech and the press act, as we should be. These laws comes with great benefits such as strengthening democracy. But we have been so used to it by now that we share everything about…

8 easy steps to protect your personal information in the age of big data.

Today we spend around 2 hours every day on social media, which is a total of 5 years over a lifetime. Within these 5 years we have had the opportunity to create an extra identity, or an extension of our current one. Whenever we like, comment, post and share on social media we add another portion to our online identity.

The biggest difference between the identity that we have online versus the one we have in ”real life” is privacy. Everything you do online leaves a trace of personal data that is easy for companies to follow and grab. Some companies use your data for commercial use, like ad-targeting. But there are also those who use your data for less pleasant reasons, for example scams.

You wouldn’t want to be exposed for scams in your daily life, and you wouldn’t want everyone to know everything you do in private. …

And why it’s a perfect day to exercise your online human rights.

Today, the 28th of January, is the International Data Privacy Day. Unfortunately, I can count the people in my own life who are aware of this “holiday” on one hand.

Why do I find that very sad?

Because this day was instated to create awareness to one of our most basic human rights: the right to privacy. The right to privacy in our homes, as well as for our correspondence, is tech-neutral and was given to us in 1948 through the European Convention on Human Rights, article 8.

So why did we stop caring about our human right to privacy…

By Linus Jonsheden, Community Manager, Zynapp.

Admit it. Accessing files and documents across apps, platforms and devices can be quite frustrating as our digital piles are growing bigger by the minute. On the one hand, solutions like AirDrop, Smart View, ShareIt and other collaborative file sharing tools are becoming industry standard. On the other hand, these smart solutions are more often than not incompatible with each other.

But hey, just a quick reminder. You, as a user, are the one suffering the consequences of this digital rivalry. While a few media conglomerates and tech companies (none mentioned, none forgotten) are occupied with taking market shares from…

By Linus Jonsheden, Community Manager, Zynapp.

I spend roughly 4 hours a day on different apps on my smartphone. Scrolling through my phone is the last thing I do before I go to bed — and the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. My smartphone is my office, bank, newsstand, record collection, photo album, travel agency, social space and a whole lot more. It’s undeniably a crucial part of my everyday life, wheather I want it to be or not.

Side note: Yes, I am a millennial.

I remember how my parents used to store photos and documents in boxes on…

In twenty years, you will be able to find out exactly what song you played at any given moment.

We’ve all been there. You’re passing by a café, watching a movie or driving to work. Suddenly, you find yourself overwhelmed with nostalgia. Familiar tunes, connected to a specific moment or milestone in your life, starts to awaken old memories.

The songs we love have a deep neural connection to our brain. Music can help us recall vivid images of our past — images that are strongly interlinked with the people, places and emotions of that specific time in our life.

Regardless of what feelings that are being triggered by the music, what you are experiencing has a common denominator…


Zynapp is an exciting Swedish mobile first start-up. We believe in a society where the power over data belongs to the people.

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