Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want you to read this

And why it’s a perfect day to exercise your online human rights.

Today, the 28th of January, is the International Data Privacy Day. Unfortunately, I can count the people in my own life who are aware of this “holiday” on one hand.

Why do I find that very sad?

Because this day was instated to create awareness to one of our most basic human rights: the right to privacy. The right to privacy in our homes, as well as for our correspondence, is tech-neutral and was given to us in 1948 through the European Convention on Human Rights, article 8.

So why did we stop caring about our human right to privacy as soon as we became digital?

If someone at the post office reads our mail, we know it’s a crime and we feel violated and hurt. But if our emails or messages are read by our email carrier or social media provider (which it is, by the way) we don’t seem to care. So why should we expect the companies making money from our private, personal data to give a damn about what’s legal and ethical in that regard?

It’s time to put human rights on the agenda in the digital world and remind ourselves as well as the corporations of article 8 of the ECHR.

A personal data breach is not a GDPR-compliance issue, it’s a human rights issue. Privacy goes beyond legal compliance and it has for at least 71 years, even though the world seems to have forgotten.

I believe that it’s 100% possible to run a successful business without ever compromising with the right to privacy. I also believe that the corporations that will still be standing strong in five to ten years, are those who share this point of view.

Today is the perfect day to exercise your digital rights. If you’re lucky enough to be European, you can claim all the information company X has collected on you, make company Y delete all the photos you posted on their platform 10 years ago — or simply celebrate the fact that we don’t have a social credit system (just yet).

Happy Data Privacy Day!

Hanna Kjellman
Privacy & Legal Officer at Zynapp

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