Learning, thinking, building

Welcome. I’m Zyshan and I’ll be using this space to collect and post some of my thoughts about things that interest me most; this is partly — perhaps entirely — driven by my interest in and need to decipher what is going on around me. I distilled what I like to do into the three buckets you see in the title a few years ago; I consider writing critical and inclusive of all three.

While I’ve been writing and keeping my personal cache of notes, thoughts, ideas, and learnings for some time, synthesizing my thoughts and sharing them not only sharpens my thinking and helps me learn, but, ideally, contributes meaningfully and sparks dialogue with others, which leads to better thinking and ideas. A virtuous cycle of sorts.

Some combination of business, technology, finance, politics, startups, mental models, and psychology is what you can expect, though unevenly distributed and prone to addition and subtraction of themes.

My aim is not to make pronouncements or grand predictions. What I’m more interested in is asking the right questions, attempting to separate the signal from the noise, and considering what is and what could be true. Thanks for reading!