I agree, and I think you point to an important gap in many feminist efforts: a lack of emphasis on…
Kristen Pyszczyk

And I would second that, feminism has concentrated heavily in the social relationships between the sexes, but has little to say about the interpersonal relationships.

We live in a world where half the marriages end in divorce. In addition millions of couples lie in bed every night not having had sex for weeks, if not months. This must cause deep sexual frustration for both sexes, which must impinge on their well being.

I think this is largely a task for feminism. Although I largely agree with the essay there are differences between men and women that affect how we live. One of them is that women are much more accepting and protective of social norms, which is why women are often the most vociferous in attacking other women who they see as transgressing those norms. Therefore it is feminism that must lead the fight to unpick the social pressures that push people into unsatisfactory sexual relationships.

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