Reinventing Sex
Lapham's Quarterly

I have been interested in this community for some time, and there are a number of observations I could make about it, but I’ll restrict myself to just one.

The sexual freedom women enjoy today is to be celebrated, but too many take a risk by having sex with men they don’t know well. The advantage of the Onieda Community is that it gave women (and men) the opportunity to have a variety of sexual partners that they could trust. I think women today need to build their own community of trusted lovers.

Coupled with this is the rejection of monogamy. The men and women don’t appear to be upset that they didn’t have a ‘special other’ to share their life. The emotional and practical support that most of us get from marriage is provided by the close knit community. As a result they didn’t suffer the hurt and anger resulting from divorce.

Over the last hundred years sexual relationships have been transformed. However, there is still a lot of friction and frustration in our sexual lives. I think the Onieda Community could perhaps show a way forward.