“Cryptic response”? I’d say you understood it perfectly.
Richard Reis

To get the misunderstanding out of the way first. If you look at my contribution again you will see that it was I that said that neo-liberalism extended the cycle up to 2007/8, but I disagreed with you that the cycle ended there.

In theory what you say should work, but it doesn’t seem to be. There is still no explosion in new technological products, with many (like Twitter and Uber) unable to make a profit. I don’t think incomes are showing great growth and the reason I quoted GDP is because the up side of a cycle is characterised by a big annual growth in GDP.

You may be right in that we will find a way to create a cycle by purely shuffling money around and selling brands rather than products, but I don’t see any evidence of it. Meanwhile, I read only today that the World Economic Forum is warning of another debt crisis approaching, and they are not alone.

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