Marc Bombenon has spent most of his career inside the telecommunications industry, serving in multiple capacities over the years. He or she is the chairman and founding father of SureCall Contact Centers Ltd., a communication Centre built to assist businesses and professionals be a little more profitable and client centric 24/7/365.


A Canadian native, Marc is experienced in English, French, and German. He could be a Concordia University graduate and has worked in the Food and Beverage, Telecommunications, Aviation, and Strategic Planning industries. As well as SureCall Contact Centers Ltd., Marc Bombenon was the CEO of PDL Contact Centers Ltd., serving at the company for over Three decades.

Outside of work, Marc spends a lot of time participating in charitable organizations. His interests include: animal welfare, arts and culture, health, education, as well as the environment. In 2004, he was a trustee of the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Marc Bombenon Calgary

There are a number of passions which may have followed Marc Bombenon throughout life. When Marc was younger, he was fascinated with flight. He spent hours watching planes land with the local Dorval airport in Montreal. He studied planes a great deal that they could soon differentiate between DC-9 and VC 10 plane engines in the distance. At 16, he had his first introductory flight on a Cessna 150. In 1990, he acquired his Private Pilot’s license and continues

Another passion containing followed Marc Bombenon through life’s mentorship. Since he would be a kid, Marc knew which he wished to run his own business. But he didn’t know where you should turn for advice. Marc was fortunate for a few key individuals offering their advice. Subsequently, he’s made an attempt to pay it forward. Marc spent a few years taking care of a universal mentorship initiative together with the World Presidents Organization (WPO) International. Marc Bombenon founded to be able to facilitate relationships between Mentors and Prot�g�s.