my madness

this is my way
my life depend on it
hear what I say
my voices have to kill it
dream it feel it see it hear it
my pain can’t leave it
see me as a special agent
who seek the way out from this strange life
I searched all the way that they can be sent
I hear from the light
the light of the night
that tell me to kill my soul that is tight
tight from the pain but I can always try
try to live a normal life
the life that I have seen
it was stolen from me since I was fifteen

my dreams are more real than I thought
I am not a special agent
but I have to find the truth out
what happen to people now
they want to make my mind out
I will strike you now
I will use my best way to slow you down
I found what you hide
because I saw that sign
the sign is slight
a woman which she cry
is it my mother or is it a lie
yes she is my mother
with teardrops
I see you crying, mother
what I can do to make that stops
but I see beside my mother a killer
the killer of my hopes
what killer? what hopes?
the killer is myself
and the hope is my death

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