short story busted

one day, one day I will quit, this drug that I can’t stop taking, here in algeria we call it zetla, but where you live I don’t know if there is such a thing, but if we make it, we will get out from this trouble, that’s what zahir said, there was 500 kilograms of weed in the pick-up, I don’t know where I will sell it, I don’t know anything about those things zahir said
what !! but you are a drug consumer amine reponded 
zahir: so !! 
amine: maybe you know drugs dealer somewhere
zahir: I don’t know if they are ready to take all this amount
amine they will take it
zahir: I don’t know, maybe I will leave it here,

we didn’t chat that much I was thinking about hayate, how she would react to this incident, actually she will know that after the breakfast in the tv news, I will get busted soon, from that time that I was talking to amine, someone came to us, he asked me if we had weed, I was surprised and didn’t knew what to answer
amine: give to him
me: how do you know that I sell weed
I am not a dealer in here
the person: you look like one
me: okay, lets see what we got for you, what do you want exactely
the person: anything
me: whaoo !! amigo
amine just give him whatever he want, anything would make the job done, goddamn it zahir, you don’t know how to make money or what ?
the person: wait if you show me what you have I will see what I will take
me: okay I will do with one condition, you show me you badge
amine was surprised, and I was serious, the person took step back and told me that he is not a cop, I believed him, I showed him where was the weed, this person saw all that amount and was surprised, he look at all that amount of weed and told me that he will take everything, that time I took a step back and brought amine and told him that its a setup, how come a person like this one can take all this amount of weed, he doesn’t look like a consumer and doesn’t look like a dealer and he heavely look like a cop, amine if he is a cop I will take everything on me and you won’t go to jail, I didn’t knew how law works but I thought it was feasable and he can do that, I took the weed to this person where he lived and let it there as the car and the weed, in my way this person told me to stop there !, I was like what the f**k ?, “f**k the cops !!” this person screamed, I was like what …….!, the person took a gun and pointed the gun on me, he asked me if I am a cop and I answered no, no way, and suddenly I realized who was the cop, “amine”

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