How did A Woman Start to Give an Impact on Herself and Society?

If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. — Tony Morrison.

After, I watched a National Geographic documentary with the title is Women of Impact — Changing the world, I realized that a woman must more struggle to be visible and powerful. And the question is “What a woman can do? How to start?”

A woman can begin with seeing herself with her own eyes and believe in her reflection. Why must believe? because it’s a beginning process. She can make a beautiful transformation and people can realize to see one another.

Then, bring her a role model and join an activity that she dreaming of and need to do. It is important because can give her motivation to make a progress!

Last, I want to quote a word from Intan Suci Nurhari from the documentary that I’ve watched:

As long as you keep your eyes on the prize. All harder is just something that you’ve to deal with it.

We realize to start something and make a progress is not easy. But, every woman can do that, if you keep your focus and hear a bit of advice from some people that you’ve met.

And after the long road, you can receive more benefit for you and some people. Moreover, you can become a better person, give your dedication, and empower society.