F’ed Over: What happens when Facebook closes your account.
Chris Stout-Hazard

Just a few days ago I got my Facebook account shut down as well, and I have sent them two different appeals with both my school ID and my library card as proof of my identity. It is really annoying. I am thirteen, and really can’t do any harm to anybody, nor have I done anything that could be upsetting. I am trying to build my following at the moment as I am a writer and hoping to publish a book within the next few years, but now I can’t continue to build that following. I am also enrolled in a $2500 program that updates us via Facebook, and now I can’t get those updates, and I’m worried that the money I spent could now have been a waste, and although I didn’t actually pay that much, I still had to pay quite a bit and it has been a lot of money to me seeing that I have no job. I really hope that Facebook can get their act together and not shut down people’s accounts with no proof that the report is legitimate.