i, esc

h, j, k, l

w, b, e

3(numb) + w(instructions)

3(numb) + i + (??) + esc: add (??) 3 times

f + (?): search the next (?)

3(numb) + f + (?): search the 3rd (?)

%: find matching parenthesis/bracket{[()]}

0/$: beginning/end of a line

*/#: find next/previous word under cursor

gg/G: beginning/end of the file

3(numb) + G: the 3rd line of the file

/text: search ‘text’

n/N: the next/previous search result

o/O: insert new line under/above current line

x/X: delete the character under/before the cursor

r + (?): replace the character under cursor

dw/dd: delete/copy a word/line

p: paste after cursor/ in a new line

. repeat previous command



:q! quit without saving

u redo

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