Weekly Update 11

Beginning of the week, I wanted to have a break from the plywood sheeting and therefore dealt with the loft beams. I started by inserting the already prepared loft beams. Or more like — I wanted to insert them but they did not fit anymore. It was a matter of millimetres but not possible to fit in the beams by mere force. I used a hammer to get more force from above. Didn’t work. I tried pushing the walls inside by applying pressure with posts from the outside. Didn’t work. I tried out a lashing strap. It was too short. But then I had a genius moment. The lashing strap was short just 2–3cm. So I lengthened with duct tape and it finally worked out.

1) The lashing strap construction 2) evidence of the genius moment 3) proof that the damn beam sits at the right position

As next steps, I could mount the last sherpa connectors to the third and final beam and prepare the fourth beam which will be screwed to the small rear wall.

And then the week mainly consisted of inner wall plywood cuts. To be honest I pretty fed up with them. This is the first step the result of which will be visible from the inside. Therefore, the cuts need to be precise which is time-consuming. Last week I hoped that I can speed up the process but reality showed that often I need over an hour for one sheet. On the plus side, most edges look excellent — at least to my standard. Here and there is a small fuckup but nothing which later can’t be filled out with spatula. Today I mounted the first roof sheet and hope to be finished by Friday.

After the beams for the loft were ready my mom helped me out and built the surface of the loft. Finally, you get a feeling for the area beneath the loft from a height perspective and for my height of 182cm, it is perfect. Also, the loft space can be imagined now and it already feels cozy but not cramped. Which is a good sign I guess?

1) Result of routing the fourth beam which can be seen in 2) at the rear wall.

Saturday evening I talked to a befriended electrician about my electric plans. He gave some very well explanations through which I gained a much better understanding of the topic. Until now my approach of getting a basic understanding through reading internet docs/articles/pages and then talking to a professional who answers my questions works out fine for me. For the electrical part, I will do all the wiring and buy the parts for the fuse box but a qualified electrician will connect the fuse box. For me that is the right balance of doing it on myself, learning, save costs and take no risk.

One the last note. I think I hit my first major low point motivation wise. I don’t have the patience to precisely cut plywood sheets all day long but it is a necessary step. Also the ratio of work and visible progress shifts which doesn’t add to the motivation. Additionally, the next steps will be more the quantitative type of work, for example, inserting the insulation. To fight my inconsistency I set myself a deadline of the end of the month to finish the outer shell of the house. I can then move the house out of the barn and save the rent. And I have to get back to a ‘moment-mindset’ or ‘the journey is the reward’. So not yarn for finished inner walls but appreciate every single successful cut no matter how small it is. Appreciate how proficient I already got with the power tools. And look forward to exciting tasks as putting in the windows and doing the electrical wiring. That’s the plan for next week — let’s see how it will progress.




Tale of a Tiny House Build.

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