Coinbase and Digital Currency Group Invest in Flipside Crypto

In a testament to the incredible efforts of everyone on our team, we’re proud to welcome Coinbase and Digital Currency Group (DCG) as investors in Flipside Crypto. Other investors in this venture round include Fintech data Executive, Jeff Parker, as well as previous shareholders True Ventures, Boston Seed Capital and Castle Island Ventures.

Yes, more capital will help us further our mission to characterize cryptocurrencies, and will provide us the ability to take higher risks at a faster pace.

But the story is bigger than that…

There are two golden rules to raising capital.

  1. Go beyond “just money.” Seek investors who can help move the needle on your business.
  2. Be opportunistic. Take the right capital, even when you don’t need it.

In this case, we nailed the landing on both counts.

To rule #1:

One might conclude that Coinbase and Digital Currency Group have few equals when it comes to their relevance and impact on the cryptocurrency market. Coinbase is, arguably, the 800 lb. gorilla that delivered crypto to mainstream audiences, and Digital Currency Group has launched a broad array of industry-defining orgs. including Grayscale Investments, Genesis Trading and Coindesk — in their spare time, they’ve invested in well north of 100 other companies in the space.

[PS: possibly less-well known in the crypto universe — but no slouch in the needle-moving department is Jeff Parker — who has built and sold 3 data businesses to Thomson Reuters. He’ll bring that experience to work as an Advisor to the company.]

To rule #2:

While we weren’t currently seeking additional funding, it’s pretty obvious: when an opportunity like this presents itself, you jump on it.

Specifically, we’ll be accelerating the distribution and availability of FCAS, the scoring system which provides a single, consistently comparable value for measuring the health of cryptocurrency projects.

Top 10 Crypto Assets, based on FCAS

Flipside Crypto produces and distributes FCAS scores to enable retail investors and crypto projects to more effectively understand customer activity and developer behavior. The information can be accessed via Flipside Crypto’s proprietary FCAS Coin Health Library and Partners may list FCAS scores via the FCAS API.

Please join me in welcoming Coinbase, DCG and Jeff Parker to the Flipside fold. We couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come.

Flipside Crypto’s data produces FCAS, a single, consistently comparable value for measuring cryptocurrency project health. FCAS is developed through a proprietary combination of factors representing customer activity and developer behavior for cryptocurrency projects.