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Avi Meyers
Apr 11 · 3 min read

ZEC Development Ramps Up as Blossom Upgrade Progresses

April 11, 2019

ZEC Developer Behavior is up 7.2% over the last 30 days, leading FCAS to a 37-point increase (4.83%). User Activity levels rose 7-points (0.86%) and Market Maturity ascended 68-points (12.98%) amid steadily increasing trading volumes. Price is up 34.65% over the same 30-day period.

When a Sapling Blossoms

ZEC’s third network upgrade, Blossom, is slated for mainnet activation on October 29, 2019. The upgrade will implement two primary changes: 1) A split of the controversial Founder’s Reward into 3 distinct streams going to the Zcash Foundation, the Electric Coin Company Strategic Reserve, and an unspecified remainder, and 2) An increase in block frequency aiming to increase transactions per hour while keeping fees low.

The recent flurry in development is most likely related to an impending code merge of Blossom Beta Testnet onto the Master Branch. The Zcash development team is highly thorough and transparent with their efforts, and appears to be consistently reaching milestones on their roadmap.

Public Announcements for a Private Coin

A number of interesting announcements have emerged from the Zcash camp since mid-March:

→ On March 12th, Electric Coin Company, the entity that launched and supports development of the ZEC cryptocurrency, announced the formation of a board of directors which will include Alan Fairless, Andrew McLaughlin and, of course, Zooko Wilcox.

→ On March 15th, the Zcash Foundation launched the beta version of ZF Grants, a crowd-funding platform supporting projects working on enhancements to the Zcash ecosystem.

→ On March 24th, Binance added 5 new trading pairs for ZEC, including ZEC/BNB, ZEC/PAX, ZEC/TUSD, ZEC/USDC, and ZEC/USDT. Lots of love for that ZEC/stablecoin life.

→ On April 5th, the ZEC team announced the release of a “Zcash Reference Wallet” for Android on testnet. This wallet will support the enhanced Sapling private transactions on mobile devices. A major step forward in facilitating adoption of private cryptocurrency transactions.

🌶️ Hot Take

There is a reason why ZEC continues to grow and develop as a leading cryptocurrency in the industry. Their development team is efficient, and the financial structures supporting their advancement are well established. Along with a loyal community, the project’s goals are well defined, creating a scalable solution that protects privacy and enables financial freedom.

As fungibility concerns around digital assets continue to be a hot topic, the best ways to move from pseudonymous to anonymous on the blockchain will remain an intriguing focus of users, developers, and investors alike. ZEC is poised to remain a leader in Privacy Coin advancement as the industry rapidly evolves.

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A Basket of Crypto

Musings on FCAS, rating the fundamentals of crypto assets.

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A Basket of Crypto

Musings on FCAS, rating the fundamentals of crypto assets.

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