Wider Still

I asked you if your love was wide enough

For the bulk and baggage

I carry on my camel

To make it, with me

Through your needle’s eye

I wasn’t waiting for an answer

I am no stranger to celestial silence

Having learned to live by grit and guesswork

In the grind and grime

Of a grounded human life

But a scratching at my window woke me

And a whisper on the wind said

“Wider still”

Wider still?

Wide enough

For people like me

And people who don’t like me

And even for the people I don’t like?

Wide enough for dead-beats

For deviants and drop-outs?

Wide enough for murderers and marketeers

For salesmen of snake-oil

And of the skins of slaves

Wider, the wind said


Wider still

Wider than the skies I shake

Wider than the seas I stir

Wider than the world I wander,

Wider than the tiny terms you use

To explain away your pain

As wide as… wildness

As wide as wisdom

As wide as words like


And home

And welcome.

So I asked the wind for a scale I could use

As a measure for the models I make of love

And all at once the sky fell silent

But for the quiet clicks of calculation

The clouds counting

Heaven’s hormones humming

This time I waited

Knowing an answer would come

And the wind at last said

“Wider still”