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A Bit of Madness

A Summary of Colorado Tears

Where am I going with this?

Riding in the San Juan Mountains. Photo by author

Dr. Josie Tate, a veterinarian in a small town in southwest Colorado, leaves a tumultuous relationship behind. While recovering from a catastrophic horse-riding accident, Josie searches for her missing horse, testifies in a court case against a menacing animal abuser, and contemplates her dream of owning a sanctuary for wild horses. She befriends Charlie Whitten, a Parks and Wildlife agent whose winter survey of lynx dens high in the San Juan Mountains leads him to the rescue of an avalanche victim and a clue into the loss of Josie’s horse.

I am looking for readers who will comment, constructively criticize or add their impressions of this story. So far, I don’t seem to be generating any interest, so I may go back to my book one fan club with this and stick to short story fiction on medium. It was worth a try with all the excellent writers on this platform.




Fantasy, Fiction, and Horror, among other things.

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Patty Latham

Patty Latham

Veterinarian CSU 1975. Mom. Rider of mustangs. Author of Napa Valley Vets, novel Colorado Blood, and over 20 case reports and features for EQUUS and on line..

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