Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts

- Jim Morisson

Words to live by, Jim.

Since i was a small child, getting my haircut was a bit of a nightmare. As the years went by, i stopped fearing the barber but my discomfort was still there. Being a man of habit, what helped keeping my discomfort at minimum was to get the same haircut, at the same barber for many years now (i settled for this one because he was the fastest one i ever went to, 10–15 minutes at most) . Moving to another city, made it harder for me to keep going at his place and decided it was time to overcome this fear of mine.

This morning, when i went to the “around the corner” shop, i noticed a new barbershop opened right next to it. I felt it deep within my body, the dreaded time has come. Said to myself “what can possibly happen if i do it here? 5 minutes, in & out. done. no more trips to my hometown for haircuts”, little did i knew.

I shyly opened the door, and entered this super fancy place. Not even close to what i was used too. I didn’t expect that at all. Not being a big fan of surprises i got cold feet and tried to turn around and leave. Just when i was ready to do so, i was greeted by this man who invited me to have a sit. Despite my expectations, i did exactly that.

- How do you want your hair done?
- Ehm …shorter…
- How short?
- …this short… (showing him 2–3cm with my fingers and an awkward smile on my face)

I thought to myself “Meh, 20 minutes at most. I’ll leave this place and erase this from my memory”. 20 minutes have passed and this dude was still combing my hair and massaging my head. This was the longest interaction i ever had with a barber and i wasn’t even half in. We exchanged no words, i just stood there, listening to some crappy radio songs and getting my head massaged. 40 minutes in, and he finished cutting the hair on one side of the head. I was going nuts with boredom and started reading all the labels i could see in front of me. From time to time, i would make eye contact with myself in the mirror and throw a little giggle (those were the eyes of a desperate man). 60 minutes in and he finished cutting everything except the top part. 30 more minutes and the torment was over.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes of awkward silence he finally speaks:

- I think we’re done, do you want me to do any adjustments?

I never said a more certain “no” in my whole life. I thanked, payed him and made my long desired leave.

1 hour 35 minutes and a haircut later, i was back for business. Even if it felt strange when i left that place (#neveragain was all over my mind), on a second thought i kind of liked it. I think i’ll do it again and next time i’ll say “yes, adjust!”.