Rock Spring Branch Home Garden

a Chatham Co., NC Piedmont Ecoyarden Catalog

This is a list of species in a 1/2 acre ecoyarden and surrounding woods. The list focuses on plants and is organised by common name. Click or mouse over links for the scientific name.

Codes are below, dates are of first observation.

There are over 130 native species, of which over 65 are human edible.

Comments are welcome.

Piedmont plants
American bittersweet US E
American or slippery elmᵉ WP E
American hollyᵉ WP S
bayberryᵉ WP
bearded beggarticks WP W
beechᵉ CN WP N
black cherryᵉ WP S T
black locustᵉ WP S
black nightshadeᵉ FH ES
black walnutᵉ
blackberryᵉ WP (needs to be differentiated from Rubus ulmifolius**) N
blackeyed susan WP N S T
blackgumᵉ CN WP T
blackhawᵉ CN WP N S T
blue violetᵉ WP N S
blue-eyed grassᵉ WP S
blue iris WP (species needs to be confirmed when flowering) S
blueberryᵉ WP S
bushy beard lichen WP N
buttonweed TF N S
Carolina geraniumᵉ WP N S T
Carolina laurelcherryᵉ WP S
Carolina milkvine WP S
Carolina roseᵉ WP N S T
catbrierᵉ WP S
climbing dogbane WP S
common rush WP N S
corn saladᵉ IW T
cowbane WP T
crane-fly orchidᵉ WP N E W
creeping cucumberᵉ IN N
cudweed WP S
daisy fleabaneᵉ WP N
deciduous holly WP N S
deertongue grass WP S
devil’s grandmother WP S
dog fennel WP S
downy arrowwood viburnum WP S W
ebony spleenwort WP S
elderᵉ CN WP N T
false hawksbeard** EL 
fireweedᵉ WP E
fleabaneᵉ WP T
Florida paspalum IN E (? except racemes on one side of culm)
flowering dogwood WP N
frost aster IW N S E
green and gold EX N Feb 2017
green ashᵉ WP N
greenbrierᵉ WP S T
hackberryᵉ WP N
hairy bedstraw WP E
hairy hawkweed WP T
harvestlice agrimony WP T
hazelnutᵉ WP S
heal allᵉ WP T
hearts-a-burstin WP S
hickoryᵉ: Carya spp WP N
hopnissᵉ WW S
horse nettleᵉ WP N E S
horseweedᵉ WP S
jewelweed WP
juniperleaf WP S
large flowered aster JP T
leafy elephant’s foot WP W
Lobelia sp WP S
loblolly pineᵉ WP T
lyre-leaf sageᵉ WP N
mapleleaf viburnum WP S
marsh fleabane WP N
Maryland goldenaster SF S
mayappleᵉ WP S
mockernut hickoryᵉ WP N
mouse-ear chickweedᵉ** WP NS
mulberryᵉ WP E
muscadine grapeᵉ WP S
narrow-leaf tick-trefoilᵉ WP S
nutsedgeᵉ WP S
oldfield cinquefoilᵉ WP N S
one-flowered? hawthornᵉ CN PP S
path sedge (Carex sp — appalachica?) WP S
partridgeberryᵉ WP W
pawpawᵉ AA CN N T
persimmonᵉ CN WP S N T
poison ivy WP T
pokeweed WP N E
post oak CN WP E S
potato dwarfdandelionᵉ WP S
prickly pear cactusᵉ WP S
purple coneflowerᵉ WP N
ragweedᵉ WP N
rattlesnake-master WP S
redbudᵉ WP N S
redcedar WP N S W
red mapleᵉ WP S
river oakᵉ CN W
roundleaf thoroughwort WP NW S
Saint Andrew’s cross WP N
sanicle WP WP S W
saw greenbrierᵉ WP T
seedbox WP N
serviceberryᵉ CN WP S
small-flowered buttercup IW NS
Small’s ragwort WP T
smooth sumacᵉ CN WP S
Solomon’s sealᵉ WP S
sourwoodᵉ WP N T
southern arrowwood WP T
southern magnoliaᵉ WP W
spring beautyᵉ WP N
spring ladies tresses GO T
sundropᵉ WP T
thistle WP E
three-seeded mercury WP N
tickseed bidens WP N
tick trefoil WP (check flower & pod for other Desmodium, eg perplexum) N
tiny bluet
WP E 2016
trumpet creeper WP S T
tulip poplarᵉ WP T
Venus’ looking glass WP N
velvety panicgrass WP S
Virginia creeper WP S
Virginia sweetspire WP CN S
wax myrtleᵉ WP S
white avensᵉ IW WP W
white oakᵉ WP N
white vervain UWF T
whitestar potatoᵉ WP E
wild lettuceᵉ IW N S E
willow oak WP N E
winged elm CN WP N E S
winged sumacᵉ WP S
woodsorrelᵉ WP N
yellow woodsorrelᵉ WP N

plants native to adjacent bioregions

groundsel bush WP N T
yauponᵉ* WP S 2016 (planted)

introduced plants

bittercressᵉ* IW N S
blood peachᵉ* WP N S
broad dockᵉ** WP N
chickweedᵉ* WP S
cleaversᵉ** WP S
crabgrass** WP S
daylilyᵉ** WP S T
dandelionᵉ* WP E
deadnettleᵉ* WP T
henbitᵉ* WP S
hosta** WP S
Japanese honeysuckleᵉ** WP N
Japanese stiltgrass** WP N T
mock strawberry** WP N
multiflora rose** WP N
plantainᵉ* WP N
pecanᵉ** CN WP N ǂ
purslaneᵉ* WP T
sericea lespedeza** WP T
sheep sorrelᵉ* WP T
small carpetgrass** WP T
smartweed** WP N E T
sow thistle** WP E
white clover* WP N E S
winter vetch** WP T
yellow dockᵉ** WP T

animals (vertebrates)

American goldfinch AB
black snake WP
bluebird WP
blue-gray gnatcatcher AB
box turtle WP
brown thrasher AB
cardinal WP
Carolina anole DA WP
Carolina chickadee AB
dark-eyed junco AB
domestic cat** WP
downy woodpecker AB
dove WP
eastern gray squirrel WP
eastern kingbird CL
eastern towhee WP
five-lined skink WP
frog WP
gray catbird
house finch WP
human WP
hummingbird WP
opossum WP
rabbit WP
raccoon WP
red bellied woodpecker AB 27 Jun 2017
vesper bat WP
whitetail deer WP

invertebrate animals
American copper (butterfly) WP
ant WP
aphid WP
bee WP
black and yellow garden spider WP CN
blue (butterfly) WP
bumblebee WP
Chinese mantis* BG
common whitetail WP
crayfish WP
daddy longlegs WP
damselfly sp WP
dog tick WP
dragonflies WP
eastern tent caterpillar WP
eastern tiger swallowtail WP
falcate orangetip butterfly BN Feb 2017
firefly WP
flatid planthopper(?) WP
mosquito WP
mud dauber WP
orange-striped oakworm MS WP
paper wasp WP
pearl crescent butterfly WP
persimmon beetle WP
sourbush seed fly Acinia picturata BG ?
spider WP
twig girdler WP
walnut caterpillar WP
yellow-and-black flat millipede WP

cedar-apple rust WP

Apiosporina morbosa EX
Russula sanguinaria WP
Stereum ostrea WP

notable species in nearby woods and shore (B = Northeast Park)
arrow arum WP
buttonbush WP
cockspur hawthornᵉ WP
fanleaf hawthornᵉ WP
fringetree CN B
jack in the pulpit WP B
narrowleaf mountain mint IW
one-flowered hawthornᵉ WP
parsley hawthornᵉ RF
pinxter flower WP
rattlesnake plant WP
rattlesnake orchid WP
running cedar WP
sassafrasᵉ WP
shortleaf pineᵉ WP
silky dogwood WP
spicebushᵉ WP
sweetgum WP
tall white lettuceᵉ IW
toothwortᵉ WP
trout lilyᵉ WP
water willow WP
witch-hazel WP

acquisition wish list
native lilies WP (south side)
maypop, purple passionflowerᵉ WP (south side)
sweet betsy WP (end of road)
sassafrasᵉ WP (north side)
wax myrtleᵉ WP (end of road)
fringetreeᵉ WP (south side)
Kentucky coffeetreeᵉ* WP (north side)
black raspberryᵉ WP (south side)
honeysuckle WP (south side)
bee balmᵉ WP (south side)
New Jersey teaᵉ IW
wisteria WP (north side)
teaberryᵉ WP
parsley hawthornᵉ CN
pickeralweed WP
sagittariusᵉ (wapato) WP
mallard ducksᵉ

ᵉ human edible plant
N North Side — back — transitional meadow/orchard and some deepwoods
E East Side — shade in morning, mid-afternoon sun
S South Side — cleared for rooftop solar — sunny all day
W West Side — shade except mid-day
T streetside and end of road — sunny
Two letter abbreviations refer to external reference links
* not indigenous
** not indigenous, removal planned
ǂ not observed in last 18 months