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A Case of Culture

Newsletter Launch for “A Case of Culture”

With the holiday season underway, I am excited to present this weekly article series of ten select excerpts from my upcoming book A Case of Culture: How Cultural Brokers Bridge Divides in Healthcare. The book will be available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major retailers in January 2022. I will continue to post more updates about the book’s release as they become available. Learn more about me here and about the book here.

To kick things off, this week’s post will feature a synopsis of the book (as featured on the back cover) as well as some editorial reviews and advance praise from my early readers. Future weekly posts will include excerpts from various chapters of the book including stories, reflections, and research about bridging cultural divides in healthcare.

About the Book

There are three major healing traditions in the world: Western biomedicine, supernatural healing, and holistic healing. In a world of increasingly blended cultures, languages, and traditions, what happens when these contrasting healing practices clash? In A Case of Culture, author Snigdha Nandipati delves into the unspoken challenges that immigrant patients face when seeking healthcare in the West, exploring how we can bridge these cultural divides in our healthcare system. The solution? Cultural brokers.

In this book, readers will learn how cultural brokers advocate for their patients, enhance the patient-doctor relationship, and build cultural humility in the healthcare setting through stories such as:

  • the hospitalist who revived her unconscious elderly Indian patient by calling her “Aunty”
  • the Latino Evangelical priest who used his sermon to encourage worshippers to get vaccinated against COVID-19
  • the psychiatrist who gained the trust of his Telugu patient with the skillful balance of spirituality and medicine

Readers will better understand how culture plays a role in the medical care that is provided and how cultural brokers work to fill the growing culture gap in healthcare. This book will speak to healthcare providers and immigrant families alike — those who hope to look at culture and healthcare with fresh eyes.

Praise for A Case of Culture

“Through engaging stories, insightful scientific reporting, and quotes from cultural wisdom, Snigdha Nandipati creates a compelling argument for the role of cultural brokers in healthcare. This book is a powerful remedy for the inequities that plague our medical system, and a must-read for all those interested in a more compassionate, equitable form of medicine.”

— Dr. Tricia Gibbs, MD, Attending Physician and Co-founder, San Francisco Free Clinic

“Snigdha deftly combines science, cultural exploration, and most touchingly, her personal experiences to craft an eye-opening commentary and analysis on the challenges and opportunities healthcare faces today.”

— The Emissary

“Brimming with compelling real-life stories and practical approaches for delivering more inclusive and culturally sensitive medical care, A Case of Culture is a must-read for both healthcare workers and patients. This book has transformed the way I communicate and partner with my patients. Anyone who provides or receives medical care will benefit greatly from reading this book.”

— Dr. Michelle Bonta, MD, Dermatologist, Portland, OR

“A much-needed book in our global world of blended cultures! Snigdha shares eye-opening stories which help us realize the importance of cross-cultural understanding in the field of medicine.”

— Robert Adams, Cross-Cultural Consultant and Founder, Chai & Coaching

“This book is an important and timely examination of the role culture plays in modern medicine and healthcare. Unless we physicians take a holistic, 360 degree approach to treating diverse patient populations, we will be missing the opportunity to provide truly integrative, culturally competent care. As Ms. Nandipati explains so well, one size definitely doesn’t fit all and her ‘cultural brokers’ provide an immensely valuable, much-needed service. Highly recommend this book.”

— Dr. Sheenie Ambardar, MD, Clinical Psychiatrist and Founder, Happiness Psychiatry

“Medical advancement does not necessarily mean better care unless you can communicate about it effectively. Nandipati sheds light on a previously hidden army of communicators who have worked tirelessly to bridge their culture with the culture of medicine as an act of love and compassion. A must-read for anyone pursuing a career in healthcare in today’s world.”

— Dr. Hasan Gokal, MD, Emergency Physician and Public Health Spokesperson

“Love Snigdha’s ability to bridge the cultural divide in medicine and convey the power of traditional medicine through some powerful storytelling. A must read for any modern healthcare worker who hopes to deliver effective patient care in an increasingly diverse, multi-cultural world.”

— Satish Shenoy, Senior Technology Executive, Austin, TX

“The global pandemic has thrust health care and its intersections with all parts of society even more to the forefront of the public’s attention — and we see fissures that divide us can manifest themselves even around issues where our common humanity should unite us. The reality of culture takes this complexity to a new level, but Ms. Nandipati brings a careful eye and ear to revealing universal truths and illuminating potential paths to understanding and betterment.“

— Joe G. Gitchell, President, Pinney Associates, Inc.

“With increasing diversity in the patient population, paying attention to the cultural aspects of patients in treating them cannot be overemphasized. Snigdha Nandipati, a brilliant patient advocate, makes a compelling case in her new book, A Case of Culture, for focusing on the cultural nuances of patients to help them adopt positive behaviors!”

— Venu Vittaladevuni, Patient Engagement Director, Genentech

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing a selection of excerpts and stories from my book, A Case of Culture. The book launches on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major book retailers in January 2022! If you would like to read early excerpts and stories from my book, please click the subscribe button to be notified of future articles and posts. Visit my website to learn more about the book and receive updates about the book’s release. If you would like to connect, you can reach me here via email at snigdha.nandipati@gmail.com or connect with me @snigdhanandiauthor on Instagram and Facebook.



A nonfiction book about how patients from different cultures navigate the challenges of Western medicine with the help of cultural brokers.

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