“Diversity-friendly Software” at SXSW!

I’m delighted to announce that Shireen Mitchell and I will be presenting “Diversity-friendly software” at SXSW next March!

Here’s the abstract

It’s time for software to embrace differences (not just tolerate them), and see diversity as a strength. Most software today works best for people like the teams that create it, and embeds biases against women, African-Americans, Latinxs, LGBTAIQs, people with disabilities, and other marginalized groups — and it’s even worse at the intersections. So the industry is primed for change. This session discusses current examples, “best practices” that teams can immediately leverage, and emerging ideas from projects that have focused heavily on diversity. We also discuss the challenges and how to overcome them — and chart a path to the future.

And here’s a video describing in a little more detail

Originally published at A Change Is Coming.

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