A conference proposal about grassroots activism and open source

Open Source Bridge logo

Open Source Bridge (“the conference for open source citizens”) is one of my favorite conferences. As usual I procrastinated until the last minute before getting in a proposal right before the deadline. But then they extended the deadline, so I had a chance to revise the proposal! Thanks to Aditi Juneja, Harry Waisbren, and Chris Benson for the feedback.

Here’s the summary:

Grassroots activists have to deal with many challenges — including the tools they’re using. Sounds like a great opportunity for open source! This session will survey progressive and transpartisan grassroots activists’ needs and today’s solutions (including techniques that work for explicitly intersectional groups), look at some existing open-source offerings and how they could evolve to better meet grassroots activists’ needs, and identify future directions that could be even more impactful.

You can read the whole proposal here.

Originally published at A Change Is Coming.