A Cheap Trip
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A Cheap Trip

Wichita Mountains: Photo by author

Bison at our campsite, scorpions in the car

Summer 2022 Travels: Oklahoma

Our first big trip with our new pup, Loki! We stayed in Tulsa for a night, and explored the bar scene.

Ben and Loki: Photo by author
Kimchi fries in Tulsa, OK

The next day we explored the Black Wallstreet memorial, Reconciliation Park. Profound and titled an “international site of conscious”.

Reconciliation Park in Tulsa, OK

On the drive out to the Wichita Mountains the next day, we got a text that we had been heavily exposed to COVID before we left, so we masked up, bought a few tests, and did them on the side of the road. Negative, and feeling fine we carried on to our destination.

The new classic Travel Bingo square

It was much hotter than I expected, even though I was expecting it. We spent some time at a Mexican restaurant in a nearby town to cool off and hydrate, since there was no water on the remote campsite.

This is Oklahoma, not Colorado! Photo by author
Really, this is Oklahoma, not Colorado! Photo by author

Though it was beautiful the whole time we were there, the highlight of the night was when we saw bison footprints at our campsite. But little did we know that was nothing compared to what was to come…

The bison actually came into our campsite that night! (See video above). They ended up passing along out of the campsite, but there were so many more bison in the reserve free to roam, and I was on the lookout for the rest of the night! Loki our dog also was, and I held him as the combined factors of tent camping, thunder and bison kept him in a panic attack for a few hours.

Loki in the Wichita Mountains: Photo by author

The next day we, and Loki, were all better, and went hiking around the reserve before it got too hot.

We stopped through Oklahoma City on the way home to Missouri, and called it a trip! Definitely recommend this weekend trip in the red dirt mountains.

Oklahoma City: Photo by author

When we arrived home, we found a scorpion in the backseat to complete our trip.

Tired pup in back seat with scorpion: Photo by author

We took it as a good sign, and finished off the weekend with the Boulevardia festival in Kansas City.

Ben at Boulevardia: Photo by author



Annie and I are packing our bags and hitting the road to explore the U.S. Since Summer 2021 seems like it’s going to be a big one for travel, we want to share our processes, thoughts and reflections on this giant piece of land.

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